Most of us love to see cars and vehicles that have tints on their windows. They make the cars look more attractive and luxurious. Aside from the looks, window tints provide benefits and advantages for the owners. They are the topmost reason why vehicle owners opted to use this material for their vehicles.  

During the summer season, the blazing heat of the sun will disallow us to enjoy the road. We will worry about sunburn and loss of water due to the temperature. Also, we will worry about our belongingness inside our car, like the upholstery. The heat of the sun might cause the tearing and wearing of our upholsteries. However, as we become investigative and curious, we can combat the heat of the sun. The window tints are the solutions to our problems! 

Along with the popular name, window tint is a renowned company in this industry. Yes, we are talking about window tinting Chandler. If we want help with window tinting installation, the company is a great choice. Aside from bringing your car to their shop, you can conduct the installation at the comfort of your home. The company promotes hassle-free and convenient service for the people! 

During window tint installation, you need to choose the type of window tints you want to install on your car. You need to know every aspect of your choice to prevent problems in the future. Since the goal of this article is to help you, here are the six types of window tints: 


Did you know that the dyed window tint is the most common and affordable type of tint in the market today? Yes, you read it right! It can help you combat the UV rays and will cool the atmosphere of your car. However, it can fade in a short time. With this tint, you need to conduct replacement and maintenance in a short duration. 


If you want to get rid of the UV rays and will disallow the heat to enter your vehicle, this metalized tint is all you need. However, the disadvantage of using this tint is that it can interfere with our cell reception, GPS, and radio. It is dangerous once you get lost. 


Hybrid window tint is a combination of metalized and dye tint. It is best to prevent UV rays from entering our vehicle. Also, it has the unique feature of scratch-free and will not fade easily. However, the price of this tint is somehow expensive. But, rest assured you will enjoy the return of your investments.  


The carbon window tints will give you a superb matte finish. It is best to combat UV rays, infrared, and other harmful elements. Also, it will not fade immediately.  


The ceramic tint is the new tint among others. It is the most pricey tint today. It has unique features and characteristics that you cannot found in other tints. 


If you want to have a clear window but still blocks the harmful elements from entering your vehicle, the crystalline tint is all you need. However, if you want to secure your privacy, this will be your last choice.